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Corporate Fitness Programs

DuBiceps provides comprehensive workplace coaching sessions and consultations for fitness, well-being, nutrition and lifestyle programs tailored for every companies' needs and delivered to meet your employee fitness goals.


We also provide Support Agreements to maintain a very healthy lifestyle, as will as  sessions for all Education Sector:

Helping Hand

Double care - NEW

Not all employees are the same, some are in need for an urgent help for their fitness and nutrition situation, in this program we pay more attention to them

One-One Personal-Tailored Program

This program is an opportunity to offer your team a One-One personal fitness & nutrition consultation. Expert coach provides a customized personal program valid for 6-weeks for each employee

At-Office/Online Fitness Dosage

We know what can make you feel good! Boost your Productivity and Fitness with a 30-minutes maximum workout session online or inside your office. The perfect choice for a dose of Serotonin as part of your daily schedule

60-minutes Coaching

Unlock the impact of this corporate fitness & nutrition session to get your team pumped up and learn all you need to know about what you should do to become and stay outstandingly fit

Blend above into one single program

Fitness Support Agreement

A premium service for those committed to inspiring change. This program includes all of Dubiceps programs with dedicated support and consultation services from expert coach  anytime during the course of the agreement


Campus Dedicated Course

A dedicated program for Schools & Institutes to increase awareness about fitness, healthy lifestyle and nutrition for our youth community, building habits and installing love for bodybuilding for the younger ones

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Where does the 60-minutes Coaching take place?

At your workplace, online, or any other preferred venue you can arrange to host the session


Are the DuBiceps Corporate Sessions bilingual?

We proudly offer Arabic & English courses however the 60 minutes is sufficient to be covered in one language.


What does the One-One Consultation program include?

A Fitness and Nutrition advisory for each employee, best practices and guidance into the best fitness goals and lifestyle by preparing a customized program valid for 6-weeks for each employee, programs to be shared maximum after 5 working days of the consultation and directly to your employees' emails.


Can we use the fitness dosage session outside the office?

The session will train you the most important exercises you can do at any place any time to increase your fitness and well-being.


How long does the fitness support agreement run?

The Fitness Support Agreement (FSA) is a renewable agreement that is offered on quarterly,  bi-annual or yearly duration.


What's the agenda of Campus Dedicated Course?

This program is dedicated for Schools & Institutes to increase awareness about fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition for youth, and it's different than Corporate Course as this one focuses on the youth lifestyle.

Terms & Conditions apply

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