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About Dubiceps

Because we love always to be productive, innovative and efficient, and living the best lifestyle, we founded DuBiceps with a main objective to help people and teams build a very focused healthy lifestyle by providing innovation and lifestyle courses and training to achieve their OKRs professionally and efficiently.

Company name

Obviously, a combination of Dubai and Biceps, our favorite city and most admired muscle, which both deserves to always look great from every angle!

Your body & mind is our core! It deserves to be treated right, and our mission is to help transform its shape into the best out of it with a goal to have more fit people and athletes on earth!

Approval by Dubai Sports Council

DuBiceps is a registered sport services company with Dubai Sports Council, the official sports governing body of the Government of Dubai. Registration and Approvals are subjected to the right certifications and competencies that the company and staff are holding.

International Advanced Trainer Yazan Hilal


International ADVANCED Trainer Yazan Hilal, Co-Founder of DuBiceps. A super athlete and a corporate professional on a mission to take the fitness industry to new levels.


Yazan is a Certified International Personal Trainer & Advanced Nutritionist, a Bodybuilding & Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer since 2003, participated in different fitness and physique competitions across the Middle East, Yazan has trained 150+ person & more than 1500 corporate's staff & helped them changed their bodies and lives.

Yazan further developed his knowledge and coaching skills with advanced levels of Bodybuilding and accredited personal training courses until he became an International Personal Trainer from the Worldwide Authority in Bodybuilding and Fitness, the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) in Spain, with eligibility to train Bodybuilding and fitness in 199 countries where IFBB presents. Plus he holds an accreditation as a Bodybuilding Coach from (Emirates Bodybuilding Federation 'EBBF').

Road to IFBB Advanced Certifications

International Organisations recognizes IFBB Certifications

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